Uffix, even before a furniture system idea, conveys a way of thinking and being. A way of living.
It is a concept which puts the human being and his habitat as the most important subject where different experiences and life styles merge.

Uffix expresses a new space culture, characterized by the emotional interactions of the user.
Materials and finishes are therefore inspired by the elements in nature, evoking sensory, tactile and visual experiences, that are part of our day-to-day life.

Uffix design conveys today a tendency to lightness and formal essentiality, leaving aside all unnecessary decoration element. Simple and essential lines that permit a free interpretation of the space, creating an affective bond with the user.

Research and innovation become therefore moments of experiments where the human being and the environment represent the core. A conscious creative process aimed at aesthetic, functionality and ergonomics but also at a better environmental sustainability.